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1. Young and energetic Jos Mennen from The Netherlands helped by educating students of Shree Rastriya Nimna Madhamik Bidhyala at Chitwan. He taght student computers and english.

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2. The Green Campus is a unique center where education and business come together. Everything about food, health, entertainment, design and nature can be found here. Step into our green world!

The teachers and students of Greone Campus, Netherlands painted Bal Baywasahi School at Kathmandu, Debouli School, Nepal Red Cross Society, National  Park at Chitwan. They also helped in the construction of toilets and a house in Chitwan.


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Jos Overberg and Nathalie Ketting

3. Jos Overberg and Nathalie Ketting helped people of both Chitwan and Kathmandu. Nathalie trained women by developng thier knitting skills. Jos is a physiotherapist who has treated patients from both Chitwan and Kathmandu.