All Angels Nepal (AAN)

Vision, Mission & Objectives


  • To empower the deprived women by providing different skillful trainings
  • To organize public awareness program regarding gender discrimination, women exploitation and mobilize different programs on same area
  • To provide different skillful trainings, vocational education, job-oriented programs to empower youths.
  • To provide all the necessary technical, financial, and physical equipment’s to raise the quality of education
  • To organize public awareness programs to prevent natural calamities and provide physical and financial support for the victims.
  • To organize and provide vocational education to indigenous people, Dalit, deprived women to raise their capability
  • To implement and organize programs on different health sectors by providing technical financial and physical assistance to improve the health condition on different rural areas
  • To organize and implement programs to spread awareness regarding wildlife conservation, conservation of endangered species, environmental sanitation, pure drinking water, etc.
  • To provide different trainings and educational programs on different sectors of information, communication, and modern technology
  • To provide technical, financial, physical and different equipment’s regarding alternative energy.
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