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All Angels Nepal (AAN) is non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization established to empower women and youths. It also aims to work in areas of women empowerment,education, health and sanitation, environment, agriculture, renewable energy and ICT. 

Registration Details

Date of Registration(dd/mm/yy) : 22-09-2013 AD

Registration No                               : 3836/2070

Registration Office                          : District Administration Office, Lalitpur

Affiliation                                          : Social welfare Council, Affiliation No :38017


  1. To empower the deprived women by providing different skillful trainings
  2. To organise public awareness programme regarding gender discrimination, women exploitation and  mobilize differnent programmes on same areas.
  3. To Provide different skillful trainings, voactional education, job oriented programmes to empower youths.
  4. To provide all the necessary technical, financial and physical equipments to raise the quality of education.
  5. To organise public awareness programmes to prevent natural calamities and provide physical and financial support for the victims.
  6. To organise and provide vocational education to indegineous people, Dalit, deprived women to raise their capability.
  7. To implement and organise programmes on different health sectors by providing technical, finacial and physical assistance to improve the health condition on different rural areas.
  8. To organise and implement programmes to spread awareness regarding wildlife conservation,conservation of endangered species, environmental sanitation,pure drinking water etc.
  9. To provide different trainings, research along with agricultural market management and commercialisation to  raise the living standard of farmers.
  10. To provide tranings and educational programmes on different sectors of  information,communication and modern technology.
  11. To provide technical,financial, physical and diferent euipments regarding alternative energy.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m Cheryl from the Asia Institute, an organization that cooperates with Universities to design interactive and engaging programmes throughout Asia. Here I would like to send you an email to inquire some info about your service learning programs/activities, but I didn’t find an email address there, could you please share one available email address to me for further inquiry? Thank you very much!

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