Orange Angel Foundation


Mr. Jos Neijenhuis, Fouder Orange Angel

Orange Angel Foundation focuses on improving the living situation of some of the world’s poorest people through effective small-scale projects which provide them hope and prospects for the future. Our goal is to give them the tools and help they need so that they will eventually be able to support themselves.

On December 1, 2013, in collaboration with All Angels Nepal, Orange Angel set up a sewing training center in Patan, a suburb of Kathmandu. A building was rented, set up as a studio where 16 disadvantaged women received 6 months of training on how to make clothing with the intention that they would be capable to continue doing so independently.

Most of these women live in hopeless circumstances without the means to feed their children and no hope for improvement. Together with All Angels Nepal (the organization on the ground in Nepal), Orange Angel is trying to change this by giving the women hope and respect and the prospect of a better future.

After the training, the women receive a diploma/certificate which they can use to help them get work.