Education Support Program, Gimdi, Lalitpur

Though the village is located in  district Lalitpur which consists of one third of Kathmandu valley, the village lacks basic needs such as transportation, electricity and communication. The school students come from three different locations around walking from distance of 30 minutes to ninety minute to reach school. AAN opt to reinovate , provide good classroom infrastructure and drinking water facilities to school.

Saumara Pre-Primary School
Saumara Pre-Primary School

Overview of project

Project details

Name of Project: Education Support Project, Lalitpur

Location: Saumara, Gimdi VDC-9, Lalitpur

Project Duration: 6 Months (July-December 2014)

Project Sector: Education, Infrastructure development, Children

Activities to be carried out under Project/Program

 Following are the activities to be carried out:

1. Plastering walls and floors in School

The school contains two building each of two rooms. The first building of school is well plastered but the second build lacks plastering in ground floor and walls of both rooms. Hence AAN aims to plaster both rooms of the building. All grade 1,2 and 3 students study in same classroom due to inavailability of good classroom.

2. Painting the walls of the room

The room of the walls needs to be painted after completion of plastering. Necessary paints required will be purchased and supplied to School.

3. Building Water-tap in school

Although the school has provided drinking water to students, the infrastructure is poor. There is only a pipe that pops out water which is also scattered in ground. Hence to make students easier to drink water, AAN aims to build water tap in school through this project.

4. Providing sports and recreational materials to the students

There is lack of recreational facilities in the school. Along with curriculum education students also require extra-curriculum activities for all round development. Hence, this project also contributes in providing slides, swings, balls, skips to the children.

5. Providing educational materials to the student 

Books, Stationeries, whiteboards, educational poster and other educational material will be provided to the school.

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