All Angels Nepal (AAN)

Basic and Advanced Sewing Training, Lalitpur

Sewing skills can be a valuable asset in your quest for financial stability. While it may not be a traditional path to a high-paying career, sewing proficiency opens doors to various income-generating opportunities, allowing you to be your own boss and control your workload.

Sewing training is a part of capacity and skill development program of AAN. This program is targeted to women who are need of good employment to support themselves and to some extent, their families. Women from difficult situations, single women, and jilted women are included in this program. The training has been conducted according to the syllabus of CTEVT.

Sewing training was and are being conducted in two districts: Lalitpur and Chitwan

In Laitpur, AAN is currently providing Basic Sewing and Advance Sewing Training which are 6 months each.

The student who are enrolled in Basic Sewing Training are evaluated and thus promoted to Advance Sewing Training Class.

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