Reconstruciton of Shree Bagmati Pra. Wi

1) Name of the Project  : Reconstruction of Bhagwati Pra. Wi
2) Project Site/location:
District: Kavrepalanchowk
VDC: Jaisothok – 7
Village: Jhagaredada
3) Project Duration:
a. Date of Commencement: Baisakh 15, 2073 BD / April 27, 2016 AD
b. Completion Date: Bhadra 15, 2073 BD / August 31, 2016 AD
4) Project Sector: Education/Construction

The project is funded by Project Nepal (

Reconstruction of  school  completed using earthquake resistant, ecofriendly, lightweight pre-fabricated panels made in Nepal. Two blocks with six rooms have been completed.